My IT Compamy understand that as a medical professional you face very real challenges when it comes to all of the changes in Healthcare Information Technology.

  • The complexities of Electronic Medical Records and selecting the correct package for your practice and specialty.
  • The ever changing industry and governmental regulatory requirements.
  • The requirements of remaining HIPAA-compliant.
  • The requirements of remaining PCI-compliant in your payment and bill processing.
  • Determining what type of IT Infrastructure you need.
  • Why you need a Business Continuity Plan, and how you establish one.

Your practice generates and depends on large amounts of data. If you cannot access it will you practice grind to a halt? You need to find a partner who can address these issues. My IT Company is the answer.

Top quality medical IT support is critical for any healthcare practice. This is especially true in today’s “High-Tech” “Fast-Pace” medical office environment. Your medical practice must be able to maintain a stable network while growing to meet the needs of an ever changing, and dynamic industry. You need a company that has years of experience and expertise on the IT frontline in the Healthcare Industry. My IT Company will assist you with any and all of your medical practice’s IT needs, from initial system installation, to a full range of ongoing support options.

My IT Company HIPAA Compliance Guarantee

seal-imgFor our fully managed Medical IT clients, My IT Company will become their HIPAA IT Compliancy Officer. We will take full responsibility for insuring that your organization is and remains HIPAA compliant in all IT related matters. We will go as far as to cover any IT related HIPAA fines incurred by a fully managed Medical IT client.

Risk Assessments

A Risk Assessment is a requirement for both HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use (Core Measure 15). As your HIPAA compliant IT officer, My IT Company will perform your IT focused HIPAA Risk Assessment. Once your risks are identified, My IT Company will help to creates your remediation plan (Core Measure 9 for Meaningful Use Stage 2).


As your HIPAA compliant IT officer, My IT Company will analyze data collected from your organization and identify the Gaps within your company in regards to IT related compliance regulations. My IT Company achieves this through our expertise in regulatory violations, and recommends key ways to assign, and track necessary information needed to resolve IT compliance related issues. My IT Company provides the systems management and the documentation needed to track version control to enable your organization to see changes made to regulations, and to update your systems accordingly. My IT Company makes it easy comply with HIPAA regulations in a structured, knowledgeable manner.


My IT Company will provide you with a comprehensive and easy to use dashboard that allows administrators to monitor all components of IT compliance.  Through this dashboard, all of your employees and Business Associates are able to log into the highly secure platform and see the status of your/their compliance.

The Dashboard allows you an easy view of:

  • Gap Identification
  • Remediation Plan: Task assignment and Completion tracking
  • Employee Training and Business Associates Tracking
  • Cloud based highly secure platform
  • Easy and Comprehensive Compliance Security & Risk Assessment

My IT Company includes comprehensive auditing for your organization. Through our simple role-based auditing process, anyone, regardless of their compliance experience, can quickly and complete and understand the process.

BA & Incident Management

My IT Company will provide a centralized location for all Consent Forms, Authorization Forms, Business Associate Agreements, and other HIPAA related business forms. We will analyze this documentation and provide recommendations on HIPAA compliance.

Expert Support

Your HIPAA IT Coach will walk you through not only how to use our system, but will coach you with questions, concerns and basic HIPAA how-tos all the way until and after you reach what we call the monitoring phase of HIPAA compliance. In addition to your personal HIPAA IT Coach, your organization will have access to our HIPAA Hotline.

Solutions No Matter the Size of Your Practice

  • Small Medical Practice (1 – 4 Physicians)
  • Medium Sized Medical Practice (5 – 10 Physicians)
  • Large Medical Practice (11 – 100+ Physicians)
  • Any size or type of healthcare facility or healthcare services provider!

We become the IT Department for your medical practice.

With decades of experience in Information Technology and extensive experience servicing healthcare providers, medical billing organizations, and hospitals, we are uniquely positioned to provide the guidance and resources to assist your organization, and fully manage your IT needs.

Stop missing out on opportunities and sacrificing patient care to deal with frustrating IT issues. Our ongoing IT management services will keep your critical infrastructure online and available, while our Business Continuity services will allow you to continue operations in spite of a catastrophic event.

Contact us to request an evaluation of your current environment!